Santorini Dreams Villas

A unique property with beautiful views across the island of Santorini

Experience an Amazing and Unique Stay

Welcome to Santorini Dreams Villas , a unique property with beautiful views across the island of Santorini and a mysterious aura that has remained unspoiled through the centuries by keeping its evocative atmosphere alive. Here it is not just holidays in Santorini! It’s a whole new experience that blends together luxury, history, beauty and impeccable hospitality!In Santorini Dreams Villas, the noble grandeur of the 19th century has been captured in an eclectic way that reflects its precious legacy without sacrificing the trends of the 21st century, thus creating a unique hotel for those who love tradition, authenticity and beauty through a truly unique stay.

Vacation living

The morphology, the overall vernacular architecture of the buildings and the almost unobstructed views of the site creates a challenging place to work on and compose an overall spatial experience for vacation living with a unique combination of vernacular (local) and contemporary characteristics. The whole renovation effort was based on the notion of "inserting" a new use (vacation housing) in the old structure while maintaining the spatial qualities of the original architecture. Emphasis was given in the use of local material and techniques in most of the finishes while creating furniture and architectural details that are informed by the simple and clear forms of the vernacular building methods.